Where do we belong

Scars on your body heal, some may never show again, but some force themselves to live on on our bodies. The same way some parts of our heart heals, some just never do. I don't know how this scar will heal. I don't know where I belong. I didn't belong there, and that was clear [...]


A post about my former best friend

Dear you, It is currently 3am in the morning and I have been meaning to write about you. I had a chat with our close friend about a week ago and it made me realise, yet again, that there is so much you need to know from me. Starting off with how crippled I had become without [...]

Nature of you and me

It’s not easy to give your heart away and have it constantly broken by the same things you’ve sworn you wouldn’t let happen to you ever again. But we dive back into the same situations only to come out wondering why we ever let it happen in the first place. I believe the irony is [...]

You, me, and her

She looked at me with judge-y eyes that swore she had me all figured out. She believed that bags from Prada and makeup from Sephora somehow made her superior to me. She made me believe perfection was a mirror image of her. Smoking was far from classy and leaned towards trashy. That niceness would only come [...]

She’s not there yet

She questioned herself from tip to toe. Not about one boy, not about his soul. She questioned herself about the place she was going, Because at present, she was definitely swaying. Away from her promises, away from her hopes. Towards the place she promised she wouldn’t go. She stares into the mirror every time she [...]