Nice guys never lose, they win.

He had the perfect personality: he was kind, loving, caring, smart, and respectful. He put her above all his priorities.

She stole his first kiss. One would blame the intoxication for her unexplainable action or one would blame her miserable attempts to get over her ex-lover.

One night when she called him after the party, he picked up saying, “hey I was just talking to my dad about you.” She asked, “what did you tell him?” He replied saying: “I was telling him that I really like this girl and that she makes me feel like I’m the luckiest man in the world, that I don’t want to screw this up.” She felt so warm inside when those words got out of his mouth but silently, in the back of her head, she was wishing it was what he would say.

She would call and text him so she could find the tinniest shred in her body that had the ability to love him like a lover. She would constantly find ways to start loving something about him that would drive her insane and ultimately into his arms. But she couldn’t.  Despite her desperate attempts to feel something immense for him, she failed. She could see the love in his eyes for her and that only broke her.

Now that she looks back at this, she regrets that she knowingly put him in situations she knows she could have avoided. Because she was selfish and insanely confused. And when she cries herself to sleep, the thought of anyone crying for her that way makes her furious. She believes no one has the right to make another feel this way. She wishes she could hold him tight and tell him he’s got more out there waiting for him. And that his tears were too precious to be wasted on a girl like her.

Nice guys get the utmost respect and love from the girl, that is bigger and better than being an ex that you regret ever loving. I hope now you get why nice guys never lose, they only win.


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