Like-Love-The difference

As I was heading back home, taking the usual route back to paradise, i ran into some messy thoughts in my head. It started off by wondering why we crave to hear the words “I love you” from someone when we ourselves are not sure whether or not the feeling is mutual. Love is a word that has been pondered over and played around with for centuries. It is a word that can be so loosely used that sometimes we may forget the literal meaning of it. We all know this, but I am going to talk about it anyways.

When someone says: I really like you, what they really mean is that they like the good bits of you. They like what they see and what they get to feel when you’re around. They like your nature and they like the energy you bless them with. But when someone says they love you, what does it mean? Think about it, if i say I love ****** what I really mean is that, I accept you’re flawed. Period. When I say i love you, I mean albeit you have an ugly side, I most sincerely accept it. Because when i like someone, i like them for what they have to offer. But when i love someone, it’s the opposite. I love them for what they can bring out of me and how they can make me feel. And I feel like no one at this time feels like they need to really love someone despite what they are. Because we’re trying to fit people in our lives only if they match our expectation. We don’t need to keep love as such a rare thing that only certain people can be lucky enough to feel. Why can’t we make love something that we give to everyone? Love is acceptance, why can’t we accept everyone the way they are? Because in that we’re doing ourselves a favour by being content with what people have to offer. We’re neglecting the flawed side and giving room for the perfect to shine through.


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